Terms of Service

By paying invoice and/or downloading, copying, sharing and/or removing photos from Google Drive, DropBox, PixieSet or any other platform which Framed Listings chooses to display and share images, Framed Listings LLC is deemed the author of, and as such, you are accepting the terms and conditions stated here and thereafter.

PAYMENT: Invoice is due upon agreed upon date via text or email, or 1 business day after shoot was completed. Late fee of 25% will be incured at 7 days past due. Additional late fee of 25% added at 14 days past due. Payment is due no later than 1 business day after images are delivered for download via email link, otherwise any other agreement should be deemed in writing via email or text. Shall you opt for the Pay-at-Closing or 90 days option (whichever occurs first) at 20% added premium, it is the commissioning parties responsibility to pay invoice at full no later than 7 days after commissions are paid from the sale of the home, as long as it's within 90-days from shoot date.

It is the responsibility of the agent, for sale by owner (FSBO) or commissioning party, to check their spam folder in their email inbox. It is the responsibility of agent and/or commissioning party to abide by the prices published on www.framedlistings.com during time of which the order was placed. Framed Listings LLC reserves the right to change prices at their discretion, but not to affect any prices which were in effect during scheduling. Images are to be used for the sale/lease/and/or rent of property to the commissioning agent only. Real Estate agents and Brokers are allowed to use final images and videos during the initial sale, lease or rent of property only. Images and/or video aren't to be shared with any other party, without written consent by Gil Levy, Owner, or by the Director of Sales & Marketing of Framed Listings. Images are owned by Framed Listings, L.L.C., and are leased to hiring/commissioning party during the initial sale/lease/rent of the property for a period of no more than 1 year from invoice date. Images are to be used only for the particular property which was photographed and as stated by the address which is labeled on the gallery. It is the responsibility of the commissioning party to share the download PIN at their discretion. Any unauthorized use of images are the sole responsibility of the commissioning party, if images were used by the use of download PIN provided. U.S. and Florida Copyright laws are to be fully enforced. Any infractions are to be settled in a court of law, within Orange County, FL. 

Please reach out to info@framedlistings.com shall you have any questions or concerns regarding terms and conditions stated here within the above statement.